Estgenic Zero 6 Pack

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Estgenic Zero 6 Pack

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Estgenic Zero (6x8m) täitekile on valmistatud spetsiaalselt mähkmekonteinerite täitmiseks ja on kordades soodsam kui kassettide kasutamine.


Tähelepanu-Kui te ostate täitekile esimest korda, siis palun valige toode koos pakendiga/hülsiga-see on ühtlasi vahend täitekile paigaldamiseks kassetti sisse !


Soovitame kasutada 6+ kuud vanuste lastega

Selle täitekilega saate täita 6 kassetti–Kasutamiseks on vajalik tühi kassett, mis on mähkmekonteineriga kaasas! (võib ka olla valget värvi)   

Meie kõige uuem täitekile on valmistatud järgides kõrgemaid standardeid ning see hoiab kinni igasuguse ebameeldiva lõhna ja bakterid.

Täitekile on pakendatud mugavalt rulli ja selle kasutamiseks tuleb teil kerida rullist 8m täitekilet ning rebida see ära augustatud kohast ning järgida kasutusjuhendit. (Sarnane prügikoti ära rebimisele rullist)


Estgenic Zero täiustatud täitekile kasutades garanteerime:

  • Te ei tunne enam mingit ebameeldivat lõhna mähkmekonteinerist 
  • Täiustatud pehme koostis tagab mugava ja kiire kassetide täitmise ja parima sulgemise!
  • Antibakteriaalne kiht



Наполнитель для кассет Estgenic Zero 6 Pack Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec и Twist & Click


Пленка – наполнитель Estgenic Zero (6×8м) специально разработана для использования в контейнерах для подгузников, и она в несколько раз дешевле, чем оригинальные картриджи.


Мы рекомендуем использовать данное изделие для подгузников детей в возрасте от 6 месяцев.

В одну упаковку в виде тубы входит 6 пачек с пленкой. Этим количеством пленки сможете наполнить 6 картриджей.

NB! Для использования вам понадобится пустой картридж, который идет в комплекте с контейнером для подгузников (также может быть в белом цвете).


Наша новейшая пленка – наполнитель изготовлена по самым высоким стандартам, что позволяет удерживать внутри любые неприятные запахи и бактерии.


Пленка удобно упакована в рулон. Для использования следует отмотать от рулона 8 метров пленки – наполнителя, оторвать по перфорированной линии и следовать инструкциям (аналогично отрыву мусорного пакета от рулона).


При использовании пленки – наполнителя Estgenic Zero мы гарантируем:


  • Вы забудете о неприятном запахе от контейнера для подгузников;


  • Усовершенствованный мягкий состав обеспечит удобную и быструю заправку картриджей, а

также лучшее закрытие;


  • Антибактериальный слой.

50 arvustust tootele Estgenic Zero 6 Pack

  1. 5 / 5


    Väga rahul selle täitekilega, hoiab igasuguse ebameeldiva lõhna kinni.

  2. 5 / 5

    Triin S

    Väga rahul, kasseti täitmine lihtsamast lihtsam. Soovitan kasseti kaane peale panna siis kui papptoru on veel sees ja siis alles ära võtta!

  3. 5 / 5


    Parim asi ,mida omada kui sul on kodus beebi..täitekilega saab kaua läbi ja kodus pole enam pahat titakaka lõhna. Ei pea iga kakase mähkme pärast prügikasti välja viima. Algul kahtlesin kas on mõtet mähkmekonteiner muretseda..kuid nüüd leian ,et see oli parim investeering.

  4. 5 / 5


    Oчень хороший продукт, рекомендую!

  5. 5 / 5

    Liisa L

    8m on mugav pikkus täitekile panemiseks kassetti ja hoiab hästi haisu kinni, kasutasin muidu originaal kassette ja olin skeptiline selle suhtes, kuid see täitekile on soodsam ja vähemalt samahea kui originaal.

  6. 5 / 5


    Lihtne kasutada ja mis põhiline pole mingit haisu tunda selle uue täitekilega. Kui otsite soodsamat alternatiivi orginaal kassettidele, siis soovitan!

  7. 5 / 5


    This is the first time I’ve bought this type of product. So far so good! I was a bit confused initially by the diagram instructions but the company very promptly sent me a you tube link to an instruction video which was very helpful! It is a wee bit of a faff the first couple of times you use it but once you get the hang of it it’s fine – worth it to save the waste from those big plastic cassettes!
    The bag material itself is good and keeps all the smells at bay – in fact I think it’s better than the actual tommee tippee ones in this respect. Ive never had any smells coming from the bin since using these.
    Would definitely buy again.

  8. 5 / 5

    Clio (toote omanik)

    Ottimo prodotto, qualità come l’originale.
    Molto più costoso degli altri rotoli (che non trattengono gli odori) ma meno delle ricariche originali..

  9. 5 / 5


    Great product – keeps smelly nappies locked away

  10. 5 / 5

    Tejash Lad

    Good quality plastic to contain used nappies.

  11. 5 / 5


    Great value for money

  12. 5 / 5

    Liisa K

    Tõesti hea toode, olen kasutanud umbes 2 nädalat ja meil on 9 kuune laps kodus ja mingit ebameeldivat lõhna pole tulnud isegi konteinerit avades või kassetti vahetades.

  13. 5 / 5


    We loved it, its much better than the original tommee tippee ones. Although takes a bit of time to install in and take ages to find the cut off line but once put in it makes life simpler.

  14. 4 / 5

    A Customer

    Purchased this product to save money on the Tommy tippee refill. It is a money saving but now dramatically. Putting the ‘bag’ on the empty cartridge is fiddly so based on price alone I would be 50:50 on buying again. However there is a significant saving on waste plastic by reusing the cartridges and that swings this into the buy again category. Fyi product performs well!

  15. 5 / 5

    Minnie M

    I was a little apprehensive about ordering these but I’m now about to place my second order and thought I’d leave a review to say they’re pretty good. I noticed they hold the odour much better and though a little faffy at first you get the hang of it after the first time. We now have two empty containers that we fill and so they’re ready to replace when needed

  16. 5 / 5


    The best refill we have tried – very pleased with it.

  17. 5 / 5


    Se adapta perfectamente, muy fácil de poner y no da olor. Igual que el original y mucho más barato. Lo recomiendo a todo el que use la papelera.

  18. 5 / 5

    Eleanora (toote omanik)

    We’ve got a Tommee Tippee Sangenic bin, and these liners are great. They work well – the plastic isn’t too thin, and there are no smells. They work out so much cheaper than the official cartridges too! We have two of the original Tommee Tippee cartridges, so can have one in the bin and one filled up ready to go.

  19. 5 / 5


    We are on our second roll of this stuff. We use a Sangenic Tec bin but the refills are just a ridiculous price, and I had read that the new style Tommee Tippee refills are actually less effective at locking in the smells… so I looked around for an alternative and found these!
    It’s a little fiddly at first, getting the hang of loading up the cassettes, but after a few goes I no longer have any problems and can do it in a minute or so.
    If you have two cassettes you could pre load the next one, which would make life easier!
    We’ll continue to buy these! I would definitely recommend.

  20. 5 / 5

    Neil Hallsworth (toote omanik)

    Perfect fit for twist and click and a cheaper alternative than the home brand.

  21. 5 / 5


    Buen producto,no deja escapar los olores y es fácil de poner.

  22. 5 / 5

    Richard C.

    Good product, once you’ve refilled the first cassette it’s easy, 8m looks like a lot to cram into the cassette at first but it does fit. Straight forward instructions which are easy to follow. Bag is thicker than the tommee tippee product so it feels sturdy and less likely to experience a smelly tear!

  23. 5 / 5


    El plastico es mas duro que el original. Facil de poner. Buena opcion y mas economica

  24. 5 / 5

    Deborah P.

    Does the job perfectly

  25. 5 / 5


    Toimib nii nagu vaja, soovitan täita mitu kassetti korraga, siis ei ole hiljem jamamist kui äkki kassett tühjaks saab 🙂

  26. 5 / 5

    Jack Short

    Easy to install and good way to save money!
    This liner holds the smell in as well as the original!

  27. 5 / 5


    Have purchased this a couple of times now and pleased with it. Much better than other refills I’ve tried. It actually does keep the smell contained, dare I say better than the official branded liners. The liner is thicker but it fits in the cassette no problem.

  28. 5 / 5

    EM & PAD

    Une fois qu’on a prit le coup de main, parfait. J’ai la poubelle à couche Tommee Tippee Twist & Click et cette recharge convint parfaitement.

  29. 5 / 5


    Seda kilet on lihtsam kassetti panna kui eelmist ja tundub, et haisu hoiab ka paremini kinni. Olen väga rahul!

  30. 5 / 5


    Las bolsas son de mejor material que las originales y una vez sabes cómo se hace la carga queda muy bien. Da aproximadamente para 6 cargas de rollos.

  31. 5 / 5

    kristin turner

    Was tricky to find the split in the 8 m and the plastic was thicker than others so was a struggle to fit it into the empty cartridges but did the job perfectly. Much better value for money than buying new cartridges

  32. 5 / 5


    Simple and easy to fit to your empty cartridge. There’s a simple YouTube tutorial available if needed.

  33. 5 / 5


    Работает как описано, рекомендую!

  34. 5 / 5

    Tania A.

    Really pleased with this product as was spending a fortune on the branded version so wanted to try an alternative, thinking it wouldn’t be as good as the original. In fact, I’d say that they were better as plastic is thicker and holds the odour better. It can be a little faffy to fit the first one as find yourself looking for the tear after what feels like metres of plastic, but with a little patience, it’s easy enough to do. I’d say one fill last us two weeks, which is about the same as what we were getting with the originals but much cheaper. Would definitely recommend and keep buying.

  35. 5 / 5


    Lo spessore della plastica è maggiore rispetto l’originale, quindi è MOLTO RESISTENTE e sopratutto non lascia traspirare alcun odore! Ho aspettato a recensire questo prodotto fino ad oggi (dopo aver montato la quarta striscia COMODAMENTE PRE-TAGLIATA!!) perché averlo fatto alla prima o seconda volta, sarebbe stato inutile: come per molte cose, bisogna fare un po’ di pratica e affinare la tecnica per ricaricare il contenitore vuoto… Non è difficile l’operazione, il tubo in dotazione è abbastanza lungo per farlo comodamente. Nel modello in mio possesso, Sangenic Tec, inizialmente può sembrare che non ci stia tutto, ma basta comprimere un po’ intorno e il gioco è fatto! A differenza di come riportato nelle istruzioni, io inserisco l’anello di chiusura prima di rimuovere il tubo di carta.
    Unico ”difetto” è che ora che sto per riacquistarlo, avrei preferito ci fosse l’opzione senza tubo di carta perché già in mio possesso e poi per poter risparmiare qualche soldino e rifiuto in meno, ma sono rimasto così soddisfatto del prodotto che merota tutte le 5 stelle!!

  36. 5 / 5


    Erfüllt seinen Zweck, hält bei uns bis zu 2 Monate.
    Man muss die Folie in einer „alten Kassette“ manuell einführen dauert aber keine Minute und günstiger als die Originalfolien.
    Habe es schon einige Male nachbestellt und für uns eine super Alternative zum Original

  37. 5 / 5

    Luis Carlos

    No he querido escribir una reseña hasta probarlo perfectamente y he de decir que el resultado de la prueba ha sido excepcional.
    Estamos ante una recarga para los cartuchos originales que sirve para recargarlos 6 veces y cada vez son 8 metros. También comentar que viene precortado por lo tanto no tenemos que estar calculando “a ojo” cuántos metros poner.
    El material de la bolsa es algo más fuerte que el original y realiza la función perfectamente. No deja escapar NADA de olor incluso cuando vacías el cubo, el olor es inapreciable cosa que con el original sí que pasa, por lo tanto es de mejor material.
    En resumen estoy muy contento con la compra y sin duda volveré a comprarlo. Además el vendedor fue súper amable en el trato ofreciéndome la devolución si no estuviera satisfecho.
    Pongo 5 estrellas pero pondría 10.

  38. 5 / 5


    Considero que por lo que valen podrían ofrecer una solución más sostenible, usando algún tipo de plástico biodegradable. No obstante, y desde el prisma de la funcionalidad son una maravilla.

  39. 5 / 5


    Hea alternatiiv kassetidele, lihtne paigaldada ja soodsam, ja mis kõige tähtsam, toimib! Meil kodus 10 kuune ja mingit haisu pole tunda!

  40. 5 / 5


    Purchased to refill our Tommee Tippee nappy bin cassettes. The precut sheets mean you don’t have to measure out the right length, just tear and go. The instructions for refilling are simple enough however it can take a lot of time to squash the material into the cassettes as it’s a pretty snug fit. We found it a two person job the first time but improved our technique with practice!

  41. 5 / 5

    Raquel Mendez Santiago

    Es un gran producto calidad/precio, el plástico es fuerte y viene precortado para facilitarte el rellenado del original.
    Se coloca fácilmente y no traspasa nada el olor, me atrevería a decir que es mejor que el original.
    Es más caro que otros, que yo no he probado, pero este es de muy buena calidad.
    Sin duda repetiré.

  42. 5 / 5


    La vedad es que es una maravilla . Lo compramos por los comentarios positivos y acertamos . Probamos las bolsas originales , que a parte de ser carísimas , dejan el olor . Con estas el olor desaparece y eso es lo que buscábamos . Muy contentos.

  43. 5 / 5


    La mejor que he usado, los olores no se escapan y es muy resistente

  44. 5 / 5


    Pas encore utilise mais semble très bien

  45. 5 / 5


    Una alternativa muy buena a los originales. Son estancos y hasta creo q huele menos q los originales de tommie.

  46. 5 / 5

    Amazon Customer

    Much cheaper than the official TT ones. Odour doesn’t seem to escape and pretty easy to put into the cartridge. Top tip; keep a few empty TT cartridges so that you can prep a few of these ahead of time for when you have a million other things to do and the cartridge runs out 😊

  47. 5 / 5

    Katrin R.

    Macht was es soll und spart dabei noch viel Geld.

  48. 5 / 5


    Great product. Much better than a similar product I tried. Pretty easy to install the bag and effective at keeping the smells in

  49. 5 / 5


    Das Produkt ist eine top Alternative für Sparfüchse.

    Aufwendig bei der Verarbeitung bei dem einrollen in die vorgesehene “Dose”. Aber gut durchdacht.

    Ist leider nicht ganz so luftdicht wie das Original, aber reicht völlig aus.

    Wer Geld sparen will und sich etwas Zeit nehmen kann, ist mit dem Artikel gut beraten.

  50. 5 / 5

    Marvin S.

    Erfüllt seinen Zweck, gute Handhabung!

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